Meet the people

Those involved in ministering to the people of the Harrowby and Londonthorpe Parish include the clergy, lay ministers, church wardens, and other officials of the parish. However, we never forget that we are all called to serve and love our neighbour as we love God (Matthew 22.37,38).

Ministry Team

Vicar – Rev Samantha Parsons
Assistant Priest – Rev Les Batty
Authorised Lay Minister – Mr Alan Asher
Ordinand in Training - Barbara Manterfield

Church Officials

Churchwardens – Mr Tim De la Hoyde (Harrowby)
                               Mr Terry Claxton (Londonthorpe)
                               Mrs Enid Hewitt (Londonthorpe) 
PCC Secretary  –  Mrs Celia Harris (Harrowby)
PCC Treasurer  –  Mrs Wendy Wells (Harrowby)
                               Mrs Sonia Sylvester (Londonthorpe)

Safeguarding    –  Mr Barny Robins


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